Indian Runner Duck cooked

The Indian Runner Duck is not very fat but nevertheless a few : before cooking (roasted in the oven or in sauce in the pressure cooker), on a very soft fire, made melt it, returning it regularly. Recover the grease (around 100 g by duck), and preserve it in hermetic pot in the refrigerator. It will serve to roast potatoes, to cook the stew or sauerkraut.... And to prepare the liver pâté...


Liver pâté

  • 120 g of liver of ducks or rabbit
  • 60 gs of duck grease
  • 1/4 of spoon to coffee of salt
  • 1 small egg (eggs of my hens make 40g)

Mix all ingredients together.

Pour in a jar to make canned foods.

Cook 20 mn in pressure cooker.